Thomas Schalla

Post date: Sep 24, 2015 9:48:31 PM

I have known Martin since he has been working for Inveran Bagpipes. He made most of the sets I have ordered for my students and he made my own pipes. I always loved to deal with Martin when he worked for Inveran, he was always competent, reliable and a great Bagpipemaker. Even my "not so good" students have a good sound. 

Since Martin has immigrated to Australia things have become a bit more difficult to order Pipes from Australia to Germany. But I still continue to do business with Martin and MacBeth and Co Bagpipes and would always recommend his "handcrafted" Pipes to all my students. They are made to perfection, are easy to setup, easy to tune and stay in tune. This makes my life easier as a fulltime "Bagpipe Instructor".

Thomas Schalla,

Nuremberg, Germany