Tam McGirr

Post date: Jul 21, 2015 11:13:34 AM

I recently acquired and regularly compete with a set of MacBeth Bagpipes I was so confident in the tonal quality that I sold my late 1890 MacDougalls. After that I went on to win the next 3 A grade competitions I competed in both local and interstate solo contests. These Macbeth bagpipes have class, style and history. A knowledge of Martin and his trade is evident in the precision of the MacBeth bagpipe. The timber, comb and bead, bore, style and overall finish to this instrument is as equal if not better to the independent bagpipe makers of todays industry. What I can give testimony too is the ease in which the bagpipe tunes with a specific drone reed and more importantly the consistency of tonal quality once the bagpipe is in tune, a feature that any piper would seek in their instrument. For tonal quality, craftsmanship and service I would recommend MacBeth Bagpipes to any piper weather for band playing or solo piping.