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Macbeth and Co Bagpipes is located in Brisbane, Australia.

Please email us if you would like a quote for your own personalised set of bagpipes.

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Martin, (from Lochaber, Scotland), began his bagpipe making apprenticeship at the age of 16 under Brian Donaldson at Inveran Bagpipe Makers in Fife. As the apprenticeship was for hand-crafting bagpipes the traditional way, the apprenticeship lasted four years.

After seven and a half years of both competing with self-made instruments and hand crafting for solo pipers and other bands, Martin decided to travel and continue his craft in Australia. For the past two years Macbeth and Co Bagpipes has continued to hand craft instruments of the highest quality. Each set is custom made to the piper as each set is an individual creation. 

Sending instruments to so many temperature changing climates can be a challenge so only the highest quality blackwood is used, minimising cracking or warping you might experience from a set of lesser quality. This way, our bagpipe sets reach a very high standard of quality and protection for any climate across the world!

The Macbeth and Co Bagpipe Team are happy to take any requests, however big or small. 

Please direct your questions to our email, macbethandcobagpipes@hotmail.com

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